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Blighty and only five and twenty percent of the danger

Original lithograph
Published by Fores
Signed and blindstamped
Gallery Price £695

Blimey Wot a Life West of Gib and north across the Bay

Original lithograph published by Fores
Pencil signed by Snaffles
Gallery Price £875

Bon Voyage

Original hand coloured lithograph After Snaffles Published by Fores SOLD

Far Away Echo

1915-1916 That Far Far Away Echo
Signed and blindstamped
Original hand coloured lithograph after Snaffles
Published by Fores c1916
17 x 24 inches
Gallery Price £925

Gentleman Unafraid

Lithograph By Snaffles
Signed and blindstamped.
Published by Fores


Lithograph by Snaffles
Pencil Signed
Published 1918
Gallery Price £575


Original hand coloured lithograph
Signed by Snaffles
Published by Fores c1920
Gallery Price £485

Jock KI

Original hand coloured lithograph by Snaffles
Published by Fores
Gallery Price £485

Once Upon A Time

Lithograph by Snaffles
Published by Fores
Pencil signed and blindstamped
Gallery Price £525

Salvo ,Ready Fire ; The DAC Mule; The Wagon Line ; The Communications Trench

Set of Original photolithographs
By Gilbert Holliday
Signed in pencil
Published c1930
Gallery SOLD

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